August Gardening Tips

Compost Delivery North Carolina
August 1, 2020
Fall Sod Maintenance Tips
September 1, 2020
Compost Delivery North Carolina
August 1, 2020
Fall Sod Maintenance Tips
September 1, 2020

Now that fall is approaching you may be thinking that gardening is over, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of things you can do in your garden in the fall!


Divide Perennial Flowers

August is the best time to start dividing up your hostas, daylilies and other perennial flowers. Dig the plant out of the ground while being careful of the roots. Then use a shovel to divide the plant into smaller portions.  Then replant the new sections or give them to some friend to get them planted as soon as possible.


Plant some fall color

The best thing about fall is the beautiful colors. Plant some mums in your garden to add some fall color to your outdoor space. Mums come in lots of different fall colors to help you create a beautiful fall outdoor area.


Plant Fall Vegetables

Now is the time to start planting Fall vegetables. Depending on when your area’s first freeze is going to be you may want to plant a little earlier. Here in the Triad we have a little more time to get things planted. Now is the time to plant things like beets, broccoli, carrots, spinach and more!


Replace Annual Flowers

After a long hot summer, some of your annual flowers might start looking a little worn out. Replace them with new cooler weather annual flowers to give your space a nice refresh.


Remove Dead Growth From Bushes

Some of your bushes might need a little help right about now. Now is a perfect time to trip dead growth of bushes like roses.


Get started on weeding

Now that most of the growing is done, it’s a great time to tackle some of those pesky weeds. A little tip, it’s easier to weed when the ground is wet so either wait until after it rains or give your garden a good soak with the hose before you get started weeding.


Spread some compost

Fall is one of the best times to spread compost in your garden. Spreading compost in the fall allows the soil to have plenty of time to absorb the nutrients. You will want to spread a winter mulch over the compost to protect it from the harsh weather to come.

At Southern Sodgrass we offer Organi-Post, a compost sourced from only High-Grade food waste and is the highest quality compost available. Organi-Post is pH neutral, high in calcium and full of other nutrients. It is great for flower gardens, vegetable gardens and even potted plants.



Southern Sodgrass and Landscape Supply can help you get the “greenest” lawn in your neighborhood. We serve most of central North Carolina, contact us today for more information about our sod products and to schedule a delivery day and time. You can reach us at (336) 996-4SOD that’s (336) 996-4763.

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