How Much Sod is Needed for Your Yard?

Tips for Proper Sod Care
March 30, 2018
How to Choose the Right Gardening Tools
March 30, 2018
Tips for Proper Sod Care
March 30, 2018
How to Choose the Right Gardening Tools
March 30, 2018

How to calculate how much sod is needed

Before you buy a sod, you need to calculate how much of it you need so you can make the plan!

Sketch your yard

First, make a sketch of your yard and mark all of the sections you want to fill up with sod. Measure the edges of the area and write down the numbers. Don’t include the sidewalks, garages, and all the other unnecessary areas.  It’s always better to make the calculation, so you can avoid buying less sod than needed, or much worse, spending money for more than you need, and it going to waste.

Rectangular Areas:

So, if you need a grass sod for a square or rectangular area, you should measure the length and width and write down the numbers. Sometimes you may need to separate the area into smaller pieces so you can calculate a more exact result.

Circular Areas:

If you need to cover a circle shaped area, you need to measure the radius of the circle, starting from the center, and going to the outline of the circle lot.

Triangular Areas:

Sometimes, you may need to buy enough sod for a triangular area in your yard. If that is the case, you should measure the base of the triangle, and then the height.

Let us help:

Luckily our company has an area calculator available on our website.

You can find the sod calculator under the products menu on the website owned by Southern Sodgrass and Landscape Supply LCC.

Depending on the area shape, you can fill up the fields with previously measured data and calculate exactly how much of a grass sod you need for your yard. So, after you calculated how much sod you need in every different area, do the math addition and find out the final result.

Bonus tip: Add an additional 10% of the estimated result, so you can avoid the measuring errors.


Southern Sodgrass and Landscape Supply can help you get the “greenest” lawn in your neighborhood. We serve most of central North Carolina, contact us today for more information about our sod products and to schedule a delivery day and time. You can reach us at (336) 996-4SOD that’s (336) 996-4763.

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