Benefits of High-Grade Compost

  • Adds a massive amount of Organic Matter to native soils lacking it, going from 0.5% to 5-6%
  • Increases water retention by 4 times, but at the root level where plants can use it
  • Adds particles to the soil to help decrease the packing properties of clays in the soil
  • Introduces “good bacteria”to the soil to promote beneficial aerobic processes in the soil
  • Is ph neutral
  • High in calcium content
  • Adds nutrients that are good for plants that most turf products don’t include
  • Helps level uneven ground
  • Adds air and water channels to soil down to the root level
  • The composting process sterilizes weed seeds
  • Adds surfaces for nutrients to be held in reserve when the plant needs them

Uses For Compost
  • Soil amendment for installing sod or preparing new seed bed
  • Flower gardening and flower bed preparation
  • Vegetable gardening
  • Topdressing to reintroduce organic matter to lawns or gardens
  • Potting plants
  • Leveling yards

Compost can come from basically three different sources

1. Crop and farm waste – including manure, which is a natural source of nitrogen but also pathogens. If the composting process isn’t managed properly or allowed the proper amount of time to “cook”, pathogens may still be present in the compost

2. Municipal waste – yard waste picked up by the city and composted by a municipality. This includes chemical residue from homeowners treating weeds in their yards, which may not “cook out” during the composting process and could be introduced to your yard through the compost.

3. High-grade food waste – waste food from restaurants picked up by the composting company and used to produce the highest quality compost, free from pathogens and chemical residue.

Southern Sodgrass offers Organi-Post, it is sourced from only High-Grade food waste and is the highest quality compost available. Southern Sodgrass is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products available along with the best customer service in the industry.