Use the Sod Calculator below to calculate the amount of sod needed for your yard

To measure how much sod is needed for your lawn, you can use the sod calculator below. Most yards are not perfect squares, so you will need to measure in smaller areas, then add the measurements together.


Square or Rectangle Area

Length: * Width : (/ft) =

Square Feet

Circle Area

Radius: 2 * 3.14 (/ft) =

Square Feet

Triangle Area

Base: /2 * Height : (/ft) =

Square Feet

Clear Measurements

Here are some lawn calculation examples:

A= 314 square feet
Example: Circle’s radius (r) is 10 feet. Multiply the known 3.14 by the
radius squared.

Square & Rectangle
A = 10 x 10
A = 100 square feet
A = Base x Height
Example: Square or Rectangle’s base is 10 feet, and the Square or
Rectangle’s height is 10 feet.

A = (10 x 20)/2
A = 100 square feet
A = (Base x Height)/2
Example: Triangle’s base is 10 feet and the height (base to point) is 20

Combination Free-Form
Break the free-form area down to obvious forms and calculate each form’s area. Once each form is calculated, add the areas together to derive the total area.

Breakdown to Forms:
Circle A = 3.14 x r
Rectangle A = b x h
Square A = b x h
Example: As a rule it is wise to add an additional 10% to cover estimation and measuring error for a free form lawn