What Is Sod?

What Is Sod?
Sod is pre-planted grass that is ready to roll down on your home lawn, also referred to as turf grass. It is like putting a fresh sheet of green grass on your lawn. This process is much quicker and cleaner for servicing a lawn. Sod is held together by roots or thin materials that ensure it stays together. One of the big benefits of sod is that if you plant grass seed at your home, you cannot walk on the grass until it is finished. Sod is immediately ready to use; your beautiful lawn is ready to be walked and played on by you and your family.
Does It Take Long To Maintain Sod?
Compared to planting grass seeds and spending many weeks or many months of constant time and stress, maintaining sod takes a fraction of the time. When you start a new lawn or overseed an existing lawn, it can be very time-consuming (watering, seeding, plugging your yard, waiting) and expensive (fertilizers, the cost of seed). Laying sod at your home can save you both time and money, the only maintenance your sod needs is watering. Laying sod instead of grass can save you both time and energy to enjoy your fresh green lawn quickly and allow you to enjoy a cold glass of lemonade instead of worrying about your grass seed.
How The Sod Process Work?
Instead of you digging out your lawn and laying grass seed, we have already prepared and grew a fully matured layer of sod ready to put down and make your lawn beautiful! The great thing about sod is that once your lawn is prepared and the sod is laid, all you have to do is enjoy your lawn!
Why Not Seed My Lawn?
Seeding your lawn requires constant maintenance and time. Here are the reasons to use sod instead on planting grass seed: *You may not be able to use your lawn for a couple months after seeding *You need to water your lawn daily *You have to keep up with the maintenance and use fertilizers *You need to ensure dogs and squirrels or rabbits don’t get the seeds! Did you know that many grass seeds come with weeds included in the bag? When you get weeds in your lawn, they tend to spread quickly and stick to the ground, making them hard to get out. Also, not all seeds are germinated through the water, and you would have to re-spread new seeds again.
What Is Zoysia Grass?
Zoysia turfgrass sod is very hardy and grows well in a variety of conditions and climates, especially in southern climates of the US such as Greensboro, Winston-Salem and surrounding cities of NC. Compared to many kinds of grass, this grass required less watering, mowing and maintenance, making it a great choice for a home lawn. Zoysia sod creates a very thick “carpet” of grass that feels great on bare feet and is very durable for heavy traffic walking areas. Zoysia sod is also great for your friends and family to play on!
Is Sod Bad For The Environment?
In no way is sodded grass bad for the environment. Sod is good for the environment! It reduces greenhouse gases and absorbs carbon dioxide. These are just some of the many benefits of clean, healthy and green fresh sod grass making it easier to breathe and healthier for your family to live.
Can I Install Sod Anytime Of Year?
Compared to seeding grass where you have to wait until the planting season (early October), you can install sod anytime of year as long as the grass is not frozen where you are placing it! This is one of the many benefits of laying sod grass.
Does Sod Provide Any Noise Reduction?
Laying down sod makes a thicker layer of grass near your house, which abates and absorbs noise from traffic, neighbors, etc.