Wintergreen Painted Turfgrass Sod

All of our turfgrass sod can be painted green during the winter to keep your grass green year-round. Warm-season grasses will turn brown during winter, so if you want to keep your turfgrass sod green all year, why not have it painted. The paint we use is sprayed on the grass and is completely safe and nontoxic. We do not use any harmful chemicals in our green paint. Once the temperatures outside increase during the summer, the paint wears off leaving new, healthy green grass behind. Be the envy of your neighbors with green grass during the winter!

Greensboro Wintergreen Painted Turfgrass Sod

Some of the benefits of painting your sod grass green during the winter months include:

  • Having dark-green grass during the winter months
  • Be the envy of your neighbors
  • Non-toxic to the environment
  • Cost effective to have green grass during winter
If you live in Greensboro, Winston-Salem or surrounding cities in NC, choosing Wintergreen Painted turfgrass sod is one of the best decisions you can make. The green paint we use will provide you and your family enjoyment all winter. Call us today for more information on green painted grass or to place an order for a delivery.